Getting A Military Divorce?

We understand the needs of you, the service member. The law firm was started by a U.S. Navy veteran over a decade ago. There’s no question that military divorce in Texas differs greatly from a civilian divorce. Unknown by many civilian family law attorneys, service members face a higher chance for divorce than civilians due to the complexities of military life.

Divorce issues that are unique include SCRA (Service members Civil Relief Act), jurisdictional issues regarding accepting service in Texas vs the servicemembers’ home state, pay structure and the differences between basic pay and BAH and BAS pay, parenting plan issues related to deployment, and retirement pay issues, including the 10-Year Rule.

Chances are if you are a servicemember, you just got served by your spouse. The good news: divorce proceedings can be delayed for up to 60 days pursuant to the SCRA after that spouse has returned home from their deployment. The bad news: you are getting a divorce.

If you are a servicemember facing divorce, make sure your attorney has a sound grasp of current issues in military divorce law, including the 10-year rule, 20/10 rule, jurisdictional issues related to protecting your retirement, and can use this knowledge to protect your interests in Tarrant, Collin and Kitsap County Superior Court while you are busy serving our country’s interests. We are a law firm dedicated to representing the servicemember.

Get the right lawyer to handle your military divorce in Texas. Contact our office to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys at our office in Dallas by calling 214-984-0059. During your consultation, we will provide you with a roadmap of your best strategy to reach your personal goals. You will obtain a firm idea of what you are facing and how this will impact your military career.

If you, your spouse or both of you, are in the military and need experienced legal representation, contact a military divorce attorney from Engel Law Group, P.S..

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