Have Reservations About Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy provides a means for you to resolve your debt issues almost instantaneously. Yet often the misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy can lead to fear and a refusal to even consider it.

Here at Engel Law Group, P.S., we can address your concerns and help you better understand the bankruptcy process. If you feel that your debt is no longer manageable, reach out to us right away. Let us get you the relief you need sooner rather than later.

Let Us Keep You Informed

The amount of false information around bankruptcy is disconcerting. But whether it exists to prevent people from getting the debt relief they need or there is a genuine lack of knowledge, we want to help clear up a few things. First and foremost, no, bankruptcy will not take everything from you.

Instead, through bankruptcy you can:

  • Stop your creditors from harassing you
  • Make payments more affordable
  • Eliminate your debt and start over
  • Take control of your finances again

To restructure and repay or to erase your debt, whichever option you choose, get the facts you need to make the right decision for you and your family.

Come To Us First

There may be debt relief companies in the Dallas metro area and throughout Texas that try to tell you that you do not need to file for bankruptcy. That there are other ways to address your debt, and you should work with them to take advantage of these options. But before you decide to use their services, schedule a consultation with us first to learn more about what we can do to help.

Call 833-900-0019 or arrange a meeting via email. Let attorney Eric Engel explain the process to you, so you make the right choices for your financial future today.

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