Attorney Engel Talks With Katherine On “This Needs To Be Said” About Family Law

  Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today on, “This needs to be said” our friend, Attorney Engel is going to come and talk with us about some things, not all things, family law, because we only have a few minutes together. Welcome to this needs to be said Attorney Engel. How […]

Can your spouse take your professional practice in a divorce?

For the average couple facing a divorce, the biggest concerns will be what happens with their children and how they split up their possessions. Many couples will focus their financial divorce concerns on major assets like retirement accounts and the family home. However, as a successful professional, you have another asset that could be vulnerable […]

What should you include in your estate plan beyond a last will?

Many people put off creating a last will repeatedly because they don’t want to spend time thinking about the end of their life. While it is natural to want to avoid such an unpleasant topic, failing to plan for your death can mean that your loved ones get left at a disadvantage when you die. […]

Estate planning tasks after a divorce

Divorce changes a lot of things about your life, but it also changes things about your death. Your former end-of-life documents no doubt included your spouse, so you will need to update your estate plans to accommodate the changes in your life.  Forbes explains that one of the first things you need to do when […]

How to adjust to life after divorce

Whether your marriage lasted a few years or more than a decade, divorce will likely be a challenging time in your life. Preparing for the emotional consequences of the end of a marriage can help facilitate healthy adjustment to this new chapter. Take these steps to care for yourself and thrive after divorce. Process feelings […]

Tips for managing your budget during a divorce

Going through a divorce can cause serious money issues. Before the Texas court finalizes your case, you already begin the process of separating your finances from your soon-to-be-ex-spouse’s finances. This can create some uncomfortable money situations if you are not ready to handle the changes. You should learn how to budget during your divorce to […]

Understanding no-fault divorce in Texas

When you decided to marry your spouse, you probably planned for a life-long marriage. Even if you are heading for a divorce, you may not feel animosity toward your spouse. Fortunately, Texas law does not require you to assign blame to dissolve a marriage.   If your marriage is not working, you may know exactly why. On […]

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