Contested Divorce Vs. Uncontested Divorce

Divorce usually falls into two separate categories: contested and uncontested. In the first case, the parties involved can’t agree on terms of divorce, which can include property division, custody and support.

Contested divorces usually create a great amount of conflict and disagreement. On the other hand, an uncontested divorce exists when both parties agree to the terms. In these cases, there is little to no conflict.

Contested divorces are usually solved with the guidance and representation of legal counsel. Agreements are made and the attorney helps ensure that everything has been performed correctly. If the couples can’t reach an agreement, the case then proceeds to court, which requires legal representation.

Dallas Attorney Aiding Those In Contested Divorces

Texas law defines divorce as Dissolution of Marriage and requires no other grounds be established except those of “irreconcilable differences.” Only one spouse needs to participate for divorce to occur.

When certain parts of the divorce are contested, the alternative is mediation. This step may be declared by the court so that differences can be resolved by a third-party mediator. When mediation fails, the final solution is a court trial.

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