What Are Cohabitation Agreements?

In Texas, when unmarried parties choose to live together, they can resolve thorny financial issues via a cohabitation agreement. Much like a prenuptial agreement, this document defines the expectations of each party and establishes matters in the event of a breakup. This helps you avoid the emotional and financial turmoil of litigation if the relationship ends.

Legal Help For Cohabitation Agreements

Men and women living together, and same-sex partners, can use cohabitation agreements. These arrangements specify the assets that belong to each party, including businesses and properties and assure that each party maintains their inheritance in the event the relationship ends.

Cohabitation agreements also cover alimony issues, custody and child support in the event of a breakup. It’s important to remember that the court isn’t bound by the agreement, it can rule in favor of what is in the best interest of the child or children involved with a particular relationship.

Attorney In Dallas For Cohabitation Agreements

Nicole Wagner, Walt Williams and Stacey Swenhaugen have extensive experience drafting cohabitation agreements that address key issues in a relationship. We recommend that each party use a separate lawyer to avoid any conflicts of interest, and as a final step, we ensure that the document is fair and signed without duress.

Contact Engel Law Group, P.S. to prepare a cohabitation agreement that is legal, fair and enforceable by the courts.

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