Preserving Your Wealth And Protecting Your Interest In A Divorce

Ending a marriage is an intensely personal process that unfortunately must involve the legal system. And whether it was a mutual decision, or one party decided it was over, emotions can often still impact your judgement.

But here at Engel Law Group, P.S., our attorney can help sort out the vital issues and determine a course of action that meets your future needs and goals. Based in Dallas, Texas, we represent small-business owners and professionals facing divorce proceedings.

Taking A Proactive Approach

As a boutique firm dedicated to wealth preservation for our exclusive clientele, we personally sit down with you to discuss your circumstances. Our aim is to help you reach the right solution for you, one that can truly preserve your wealth and legacy in the years to come. By identifying clear goals, we can help you better focus on the core issues even as emotions flare.

Practicing since 2001, our attorney has handled all types of divorces, including:

No matter who initiated it, an early consultation is the best prescription to ensure positive results when it comes to a divorce. Let us provide the needed information to help you develop a solid strategy today.

Hiring The Right Attorney For Your Unique Situation

We’re a law firm designed and built to preserve and protect the wealth of small-business owners, entrepreneurs, retirees, sales professionals, doctors, dentists and other professionals just like you. We understand that every one of our clients is unique. This is why our solutions center on examining your specific situation to provide the right diagnosis and thus the right prescription for your case.

Minimize your uncertainty and find out how our innovative approach can help you pursue the outcome you desire. To learn more about our divorce services and how we can help you overcome the challenges affecting you and your family, contact us today. Call 214-984-0059 or send our attorney an email using our online intake form to get started.

Please note that we do not offer free consultations.

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