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Family legal issues don’t always stay neatly contained the way we want them to. From contentious divorces to custody and support disputes, they often can spill over into the many facets of our lives. But with skilled legal representation from an attorney and a team you can trust, your life can still be your own once the divorce is over.

At Engel Law Group, P.S., we bring over a decade of experience and legal knowledge to serve communities in and around the Dallas metro area. Although family law comprises the bulk of our practice, we also provide estate planning and bankruptcy services.

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Why We Choose To Stay Small

Within Texas, we serve a diverse group of individuals with a client list that includes small business owners, entrepreneurs and many other types of professionals.

In general, and because we value quality service and wish to give you our fullest attention, we keep a smaller customer base on purpose. This has allowed us to not only be more accessible to clients like you, but also grants greater access to the resources that our firm has to offer.

Trust Our Litigation Attorney With Your Time

No matter the legal difficulties you face, our dedicated lawyer is not afraid to fight on your behalf. While we are happy help you settle disputes, we recognize that sometimes going to court might be the only way to get the resolution that you desire. As such, we work quickly and effectively to develop a tactic that can preserve your time and wealth — even when it comes to the courtroom.

To learn more about our services and affordable rates or to get started on a strong strategic approach to your legal dilemma, reach out to us today. Call 214-984-0059 or send us an email to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

We are a debt relief agency. We help businesses and individuals file for debt relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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