Negotiate With Creditors To Avoid Bankruptcy Today

Financial obligations are hard to keep when you’re struggling financially. Payments for loans, credit card bills and medical bills can quickly stack up, and if you’ve lost your job, had your pay reduced or experienced another setback, it can become impossible to pay your bills.

Financial strain can be lessened with debt negotiation, which is a viable alternative to bankruptcy proceedings. Put simply, debt negotiation is meeting with your creditors and asking that they modify their terms. Once this has been completed, you can negotiate a lower interest rate, a reduction of the principal amount, or a lump sum that is less than the original debt.

The goal is to reduce what you owe and then pay back the new amount. Creditors aren’t easy to deal with, but if you have an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney from Engel Law Group, P.S., representing you, the process can be made much smoother.

Are You Considering Debt Negotiation?

We’re ready to work with individuals from Dallas and the surrounding countries who are struggling to afford their monthly debt payments. Our method is to provide you the right services in terms of debt relief, which can also include collections defense, debt settlement or debt litigation.

If you are in overwhelming debt, contact Engel Law Group, P.S.. Our Dallas debt negotiation lawyers can work with you and contact your creditors on your behalf.

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