Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law & Divorce

How do I change a support agreement?

When you have a current order from the court, you cannot legally alter it without going to court and getting it modified. This is done by providing the documentation that supports your request for a modification.

This occurs when a child needs more care for medical reasons, school or in cases in which an individual paying support has a change in circumstances – such as a change in employment or loss of employment that affects their ability to pay support.

Not paying the court-ordered support without a legal modification can result in legal trouble. Contact a Dallas divorce lawyer from Engel Law Group, P.S., before the situation becomes more complicated.

Is it wise to have a prenupital agreement?

Many marrying couples have prenuptial agreements, especially those who have their own assets and want to protect them for future heirs or other reasons. These agreements are no longer considered unusual and are commonly drafted by our legal team.

There is no “cookie-cutter” prenuptial agreement, each must be drafted for the particular circumstances and parties involved. We have extensive experience in creating prenuptial agreements, and we draft each one to withstand any challenges that may occur.

What if I am not receiving my court-ordered child support or spousal support?

State lawmakers have made it possible to enforce the payment of overdue support such as alimony. We can assist in pressing your ex-spouse or partner to pay what has been mandated by the court. This is done through a legal action on your behalf.

Is it possible to avoid fighting a divorce battle in court?

It is recommended that you negotiate your agreement before going to court whenever possible. This saves you the cost of litigation, and having to reveal your private matters in open court.

In some highly contentious divorces, it is not possible to resolve the matters through mediation, and litigation is necessary. In such cases, we are well-qualified to present your case with full documentation to pursue the outcome you desire and to protect your interests.

Contact a Dallas family law lawyer from our firm to answer your questions about your specific family law or divorce matter.

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