What is Debt Litigation?

Most consumer debt litigation involves a creditor suing an individual for the failure to pay their debt. In such a lawsuit, the creditor seeks judgment against the person in order to begin garnishing the person’s wages, foreclosing on their house, or repossessing their car or other property.

In these situations, there are a variety of actions a consumer can take, including:

  • Lawsuit Defense “ The legal claim against a consumer may be incorrect, as the terms of their credit card or loan may have been unclear or in violation of the law. In addition, the creditor may have made a mistake regarding how much the debtor owes, or they may have failed to follow critical legal procedures. In such instances, it is highly advised to fight the lawsuit.
  • Debt Negotiation A creditor may be willing to work with a debtor by negotiating a payment plan that is mutually acceptable to both parties.
  • Bankruptcy Filing for bankruptcy is advised if you are struggling with substantial debt and your wages are being garnished or your bank accounts seized. Once you file for bankruptcy, all creditor lawsuits are put on hold, and upon completion of the process, your debts are discharged.

Were You Sued by a Creditor? Contact Engel Law Firm

Engel Law Firm’s mission is to protect the rights of our clients and shield them from aggressive creditors. The debt relief services we provide are designed to act quickly and accurately so you can get back on your feet. These services include lawsuit defense, debt settlement, debt negotiation, and foreclosure defense.

Contact Engel Law Firm immediately if you have been sued by a creditor, and can assist you in choosing a legal option that maximizes your chances of a successful resolution to your case.

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