What Is A Hybrid Collaborative Divorce?

Families experiencing a divorce may use a variety of experts and professionals from multiple fields. This collaboration law allows for a swifter divorce proceeding, and less damage to everyone involved. Most of these collaborative divorce cases reach an amicable decision.

Avoiding stressful courtroom drama and expensive fees can be accomplished via mediation, which is conducted by a neutral party who remains impartial and is not allowed to dispense advice to either party. However, the mediator is allowed to notify each spouse of certain legal points that benefit everyone involved.

This approach to divorce is known as hybrid collaborative divorce.

Hybrid Collaborative Lawyer In Dallas

Mediation and collaborative law allow the parties involved to communicate directly and avoid legal fees. In addition, this communication facilitates the creation of timetables and agreements that benefit everyone.

Hybrid and collaborative lawsuits are a specialty of Engel Law Group, P.S..

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