The Role of Mediation in Resolving Family Disputes in Dallas

Family disputes are often emotionally charged and can be challenging to navigate. In Dallas, mediation has become an essential tool in resolving these conflicts amicably and efficiently. This blog explores the role of mediation in…


Child Custody Battles in Texas: Insights from Family Law Attorneys

Child custody disputes are among the most emotionally charged cases in the realm of family law. In Texas, these battles are governed by specific laws and principles aimed at safeguarding the best interests of the…


Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer in Texas: Key Factors to Consider

Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. It involves navigating through legal complexities, emotional turmoil, and significant life changes. This is why choosing the right divorce…

February 27, 2024 In Estate Planning, Family Law and Divorce

Relocating Children out of the State of Texas

Can I relocate my children out of Texas? Depending on your situation, there are several different answers that can apply.  Given the infinite nature of factual scenarios, I’ll discuss a few of them that are…

February 23, 2024 In Estate Planning, Family Law and Divorce

Getting a Legal Separation in Texas

Legal Separation in Texas   Legal separation is when two parties remain technically married but live separate lives financially.  In some community property states, like Washington State, legal separation is a common means for parties…

February 22, 2024 In Estate Planning, Family Law and Divorce

How is a divorce case started?

In Texas, a divorce case is started by a spouse filing a Petition for Divorce (“Divorce Petition”).  Depending on the county, the cost of just filing a divorce petition can run from $350 to $400. …


Do I really need to file an answer in a divorce case?

  Short answer: Yes, absolutely! Let’s assume you’ve just been served with divorce papers.  So you call your wife and you ask her why she filed for divorce.  In her answer, she tells you it’s…


Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid: Protecting Your Interests & Your Future

Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process. It’s essential to approach it with a clear mind and a well-thought-out plan. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes during this process that can have long-term consequences. In…