June 8, 2024 In Bankruptcy, Estate Planning

The Importance of Legal Counsel: Finding the Right Family Lawyer in Dallas

Family law is a complex and sensitive field, dealing with some of the most important and emotional aspects of people’s lives. Whether you are facing a divorce, seeking custody of your children, or drafting a…

May 21, 2024 In Bankruptcy, Estate Planning

The Role of Mediation in Resolving Family Disputes in Dallas

Family disputes are often emotionally charged and can be challenging to navigate. In Dallas, mediation has become an essential tool in resolving these conflicts amicably and efficiently. This blog explores the role of mediation in…

May 14, 2024 In Bankruptcy, Estate Planning

Child Support in Dallas: Ensuring Fairness for Your Family

Introduction Understanding child support laws in Dallas is crucial for ensuring that all children have the financial support they need, while also maintaining fairness for both parents. This blog explores key aspects of child support…

April 5, 2024 In Bankruptcy, Estate Planning

Child Custody Battles in Texas: Insights from Family Law Attorneys

Child custody disputes are among the most emotionally charged cases in the realm of family law. In Texas, these battles are governed by specific laws and principles aimed at safeguarding the best interests of the…

February 28, 2024 In Bankruptcy, Estate Planning

Understanding the UCCJEA – Why does some other state besides Texas get to decide custody of my children?

A BRIEF HISTORY Starting in the 1970’s, divorce and custody cases began to dramatically rise across the country.  While there are a variety of reasons for this increase in custody cases, the increasing volume of…

February 22, 2024 In Bankruptcy, Estate Planning

How is a divorce case started?

In Texas, a divorce case is started by a spouse filing a Petition for Divorce (“Divorce Petition”).  Depending on the county, the cost of just filing a divorce petition can run from $350 to $400. …

February 6, 2024 In Bankruptcy, Estate Planning

What is a Family Law Attorney?

Family law is a legal practice area that focuses on issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, and child custody, among others. Attorneys practicing family law can represent clients in family court proceedings or…

January 31, 2024 In Bankruptcy, Estate Planning

Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney: A Comprehensive Guide

Selecting the right family law attorney is a critical decision that can significantly impact your life and your loved ones. The right attorney can guide you through complex legal processes with compassion and expertise. This…

January 16, 2024 In Bankruptcy, Estate Planning

Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid: Protecting Your Interests & Your Future

Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process. It’s essential to approach it with a clear mind and a well-thought-out plan. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes during this process that can have long-term consequences. In…