Juggling your business and life through divorce

How do you juggle your business and life through divorce?   I’ve seen hundreds of divorce cases and nearly everyone gets it wrong.  Divorce isn’t about the numbers.  It’s about the emotions.  Don’t forget your own emotions!  Some people seek to reconciliation, some revenge, others vindication, still others fulfillment or fairness.  It means something different […]

How Tim Nearly Lost Visitation Rights When His Ex-Wife Decided To Move

How To Avoid Losing Visitation Rights When Your Spouse Moves   Tim had a very amicable divorce.  In fact, Tim and his ex-wife used two “collaborative law” attorneys to wrap up their divorce in about 120 days.  When Tim obtained his divorce from his ex-wife in 2009, they had worked together to develop a parenting plan […]

What will happen to my business in my divorce case?

  If you’ve just been served with divorce papers, you’re thought order usually goes like this. What about my children? What do I need to do to maintain access to them? Then, if you’re like any other small business owner that I know you’re next thought is this, “What about my business?”  I know because […]

Should I file for divorce in Lincoln County?

Where is Lincoln County and Should I file for divorce in Lincoln County?   Where is Lincoln County and how do I get there? Lincoln County is on the eastern side of the State of Texas just to the west of Spokane County. The county seat is in Davenport, Texas. To get there from Seattle, […]

Dealing with divorce when your spouse leaves you

  D-Day: The moment she tells you it’s over   Women end most relationships.   60% of all divorce filings are by women.  If the breakup has come as a surprise to you, your most immediate concern is dealing with your own emotions.  Whether it was an affair or something benign, you probably won’t be […]

Neverending Annoying Adobe Updates – Make it stop!

  My biggest pet peeve is that I do not like interruptions.  I can’t get my work done when I am constantly getting interrupted.  I find interruptions not just annoying, but also disrespectful.  It tells me that the person (or software) doesn’t value my time.  They (or it) wants to monopolize my time for their […]