“I worked with Engel Law Firm for 2 years through my extremely stressful and emotionally draining child custody battle for my son. I worked with Attorney Eric Engel and Nicole Wagner and couldn’t be happier about my choice in representation. Through the hardest time in my life, they were there every step of the way. They gave me the confidence that I needed, constantly assuring me that the truth would come to light and things would get better. They worked hard to make sure that my voice was heard, and more importantly, my son’s. Thanks to them, my son is back where he belongs and I can breathe again. I am so thankful for their patience,diligence, and confidence. I am so glad that I put my family’s future in the right hands!”


“Nicole Wagner is a gift from God. The best trial attorney and researcher I have ever seen. Sarah Barkley is a ‘behind the scene wizard’. My Father’s rights case was very difficult and handled wonderfully by them both. For a father to get custody of his son is almost unheard of. Nicole and Sarah are amazing. The comments I have been told by other Attorney and court members were all very praising. The court clerk told me that my legal representation was ‘Very, very good.’ I know he sees Attorney all the time, for him to tell me this was nice to hear. Nicole and Sarah have changed my life. In a very good way.”

-Monte Wolff

“I absolutely LOVE this law firm and all the people associate with it. If it weren’t for Eric and his associates, my family would have been completely destroyed. Through their skill, knowledge, and compassion my family once again became whole. I really don’t know what any of us would have done without them. I honestly can’t put into words how thankful I am to have met them and been graced with their service.”


“When I first hired Eric, I was lost in understanding what my rights were and not knowing which way to turn. However, Eric calmed my fears down and got me to see the bigger picture of my long term well being. I found Eric’s professionalism to be unparalleled but I found his compassion for my issues to lead me to writing this review. Eric was responsive to my fears when they arose and when I had questions, he was decisive and quick to quell my concerns. When I called his firm, his support staff was equally as professional and responsive to my questions and I always received a call back in a timely manner (should Eric be assisting other clients). I just can’t say enough good things about him and his firm. I also found his firm to be supportive to my financial issues as they worked with me on setting up a sensible payment plan for the services I received. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I can’t thank them enough! I strongly recommend this firm to anyone needing a family law action!”


“I highly recommend Mr. Engel to anyone who needs a strong, effective divorce attorney. He was responsive and professional to work with. He is an excellent negotiator and was assertive with my challenging case. I always felt very taken care of by the entire staff. I have worked with other attorney in other matters and would chose to use the Engel Law Firm again.”


“Eric and his firm helped our family settle a dispute over child support and custody. What I appreciated the most about the experience was the feeling we had that Eric was totally on our side in every aspect of the case, but we still felt he was still sensitive to the impact our actions could have on the children. This made it much easier for us to work together. Engel Law Firm will represent us again, should the need arise in the future.”


“I have nothing but good things to say about Eric. He is easy to talk to and knows what he is doing. He is flexible and has the ability to address an issue from many different angles in order to achieve the desired result. In my opinion, Eric is knowledgeable, communicative, and produces high quality work. He is professional at all times. I definitely got great value for my money… I got exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Eric as an attorney.”


“Our son, David, used the Engel Law Firm for his difficulties with his ex-wife. Eric Engel and his team helped our son reach a custody agreement that not only gave our son custody of his son, but also help him get financial security until our grandson graduates from high school.”


“Just finished a very hairy child custody/child support issue to our very grateful satisfaction! Eric and his team are great and we sure are glad it’s over!!”


“Mr. Eric Engel is by far a cut above, to say the least. I was represented or should I say misrepresented by several others that worsened my case considerably and severely. . I had nothing but blatant rip offs and liars until I met Eric.”


“Eric is in the know, straight up and gets on it. He is a highly intelligent attorney who knows how to get the job done right! I am always treated with the utmost in respect and Eric takes the time to really understand your situation and most importantly, HE CARES and has HEART!”


If your looDallas for a razor sharp, competent and caring Attorney, look no further, THIS IS THE MAN FOR THE JOB ! ! !


Thank You for an ongoing job well done Eric!”


“When I saw this man I was looDallas at my X taDallas my kids cross country. He got in there and did a good job of catching my X on her lies helping me keep my kids in Dallas. Owe much thanks.”


“Mr. Engel handled my challenging divorce with assertiveness, legal expertise, and prompt responses. His strong presence was exactly what was needed to handle the combative personality of my ex, combined with excellent negotiating skills in a situation where he did not back down. I recommend him to anyone who needs a professional attorney who wants to win.”


“For anyone facing the gut-wrenching issues involved in divorce and child custody, I would not recommend anyone other than the Engel Law Firm.”


“Mr. Engel has represented me in a CR2A property settlement dispute following divorce (exercising a power of sale option on a quit-claimed property for which I was still liable on the note — new owner not meeting CR2A obligation to make payments), in a case to regain custody of children from a negligent parent (truancy), as well as criminal defense representation stemming from false allegations related to the above issues (felony assault of a minor). Thanks to his efforts, I currently have sole legal and physical custody of my two children — they are back in school and thriving.As our case is still unfolding, I prefer to remain anonymous.I would recommend him to anyone with difficult family law issues.”


“Eric helped me win back my children. I had gone to 4 other Attorney and no would help me. Eric met with me, quickly explained the main issues he felt had been preventing me from seeing my children, then went into action. It was a long and exhausting legal battle and lasted almost a year. But Eric and his staff kept me informed and always informed me of the costs and what I was being charged for.”I dont have a lot of experience using lawyers. But had I during my divorce, I would have avoided ever losing my children in the first place. I thank Mr. Engel and his staff and highly recommend him in all legal matters especially in family law and child custody matters.”


“He took over my case 3 months before trial and put together all of the material that I needed to beat my ex in court. I’m very grateful.”


“I had Mr. Engel replace my old lawyer in a child custody case. He helped me get custody of my daughter from the mother after years of her having custody. He explained to me the process involved and kept me informed. Best of all he saved me thousands as we didn’t even have to go to court until I had already won the case.”


“Eric handled my contested divorce with my x-wife alleging alcohol and drug abuse. He stayed with my every step of the way. My ex sought restrictions in the parenting plan against me, but thanks to him I got a parenting plan with no parental restrictions and an almost fifty fifty parenting plan.”


Eric Engel

by Eric Engel

Eric Engel is a Dallas divorce attorney for clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. He is the president of Engel Law Firm. For more information on Mr. Engel please visit his bio page or contact our firm at (214) 377-0166.