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The Engel Law Group is a results orientated law firm dedicated to preserving the wealth, resources, and heritage of our unique clients.  Our firm focuses on representing and helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, medical professionals, and other sales professionals preserve the legacy they spent a lifetime building.  

Given the unique needs of those we serve, our firm contains an older clientele mix which includes seniors and baby boomers over 45 who are either busy professionals or seek the luxury of retaining a family law firm where they can hand off their non-parental (third party) custody, divorce, or family law matter and get results.

Who hires the Engel Law Group?

Our core mission focuses on small business owners, entrepreneurs, doctors or medical professionals, and IT and sales professionals.  We also represent Fortune 500 executives, Boeing, Microsoft, and AT&T executives, professional football and major league baseball players.  We have been retained by film industry producers, actors, and A-list directors. 

We have provided legal services for some of America’s brightest CEO’s and entrepreneurial stars.  We represent real estate brokers and many top sales agents.  We represent retirees with a net worth of more than half a million.  We represent doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals.

Although we’re on social media, some of our clients are not and they intend to stay that way.  These clients often have unique privacy needs not common in your typical divorce proceeding.  Several of our premier clients require results with an unparalleled degree of discretion and confidentiality.

Why hire the Engel Law Firm?


You hire us when you need a top Dallas divorce firm.  Most law firms in Dallas will suffice for 95% of the people seeking the services of a divorce or family law attorney. 

Those firms don’t suffice for our clients.  Our clients need the peace of mind that comes from retaining a firm with experience in delivering a custom tailored solution to their unique legal problem. 

Our clients have unusual needs and demand a high level of service and attention, sometimes provided with a degree of absolute discretion and secrecy to assure our client’s concern regarding their privacy.


If this sounds like the firm you need to retain, we invite you to join our exclusive clients who benefit from innovative solutions in:



When you don’t think any Dallas law firm will do, then we invite you to contact our firm to schedule a consultation about your individual family law legal matter.  Join a group of clients who benefit from attorneys who build relationships with their clients so that they have the confidence that their attorney is with them every step of the way.  

We understand that divorce effects everyone in a family.  But, we also understand your uniqueness and special status.  You deserve to be able to focus on moving your life and career forward while your law firm uses its power and tools to deliver results which preserve your wealth and not settle for the lowest common denominator.


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Eric Engel

by Eric Engel

Eric Engel is a Dallas divorce attorney for clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. He is the president of Engel Law Firm. For more information on Mr. Engel please visit his bio page or contact our firm at (214) 377-0166.