Property Division

What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order?

Because the State of Texas is a community property state, the division of marital property must be done fairly between both spouses.

A qualified domestic relation order (QDRO) divides or changes the ownership of a retirement plan, which could include pension benefits, stock options, 401K plans or other assets. This order follows a divorce agreement to avoid having to cash in on assets that have not reached financial maturity.

The QDRO is handy, but complicated and should be prepared and filed by an attorney at Engel Law Firm. The order will include every detail of the retirement plan, along with the specific language needed to stipulate the how, when and to whom the funds are distributed.

When you meet with one of our Attorney to discuss this issue, you’ll be conversing with a professional who is aware of the nature of a QDRO. Our Attorney treat every case with the proper sensitivity and sense of partnership.

Every issue will be covered, and every one of your questions will be answered fully and explained in simple, easy to understand language – we won’t throw legal jargon and “lawyer talk” into the conversation.

If you have questions about a QDRO, or any other legal proceeding to do with divorce or family law, contact Engel Law Firm.

Eric Engel

by Eric Engel

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