Post Divorce Litigation

Dallas Post-Divorce Litigation Attorney

There are no final moments in a divorce. Even after the agreement has been authorized by the court, there are many areas that could change.

Areas such as your child custody, child visitation, spousal support and other agreements might need to be changed in order to accommodate you or your child. When this happens, contact Engel Law Group.

Overview of Post-Divorce Litigation

When a spouse is not complying to the terms of the court’s divorce ruling, it’s necessary to engage in post decree litigation. These matters usually involve child support and child custody.

If you need to make modifications to your divorce agreement, contact Engel Law Group today, we’ll be there for you.

Eric Engel

by Eric Engel

Eric Engel is a Dallas divorce attorney for clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. He is the president of Engel Law Firm. For more information on Mr. Engel please visit his bio page or contact our firm at (214) 377-0166.