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When Legal Mistakes Are Something You Can’t Afford During Divorce

We help entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals get the best results for their divorce. Divorce affects every facet of your life, and you need expert legal representation to ensure that your life is still your own once the divorce is final.

At Engel Law Firm, we know that you’re facing one of the most difficult decisions of your life. You’ll be experiencing a variety of emotions and stress, but having your legal interests in the hands of our experts helps lessen the burden.

Engel Law Firm, a Dallas County family law firm with a Dallas divorce attorney with extensive experience and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Uncontested divorce – if you and your spouse are in agreement on matter such as custody and child support, the process is easier, but you still need expert legal advice to ensure the legal details are handled correctly.
  • High net worth divorce – in Texas, everything acquired during the course of a marriage must be divided evenly. In the case of high net worth divorces, lengthy trials are fairly common and require legal advice and experience. Financial investigations in high net worth divorces are extremely detailed, and having an experienced lawyer on your side helps protect what belongs to you.
  • Collaborative divorce – a collaborative divorce means a couple has decided to work out all agreements amicably. While this is the preferred route, a collaborative divorce requires each party sign a document stating they will not litigate. A lawyer’s presence ensures a smooth process that covers every detail.
  • Military divorce – we represent military clients in every aspect of divorce, including marital property division, child custody and spousal support. At Engel Law Firm, we’re aware that military divorces are effected directly by laws applying to those serving active duty and discharge time. We’ll make sure everything proceeds on schedule.

Divorces usually require several different types of services, and our Dallas divorce lawyer are adept at dispensing advice and aid in areas including:

  • Mediation – spouses who can’t agree on issues related to divorce benefit from mediation. A mediator is present and answers questions and provides guidance on areas such as child custody, visitation and property division.
  • Legal separations – different from divorce, a legal separation comes into play when the couple must consider religious views, economic situations or wants to share the same health insurance. Legal agreements are still necessary for areas including property division, custody maters and spousal and child support.
  • Child custody – a divorce effects children in a multitude of ways, and having the proper custody agreements in place is crucial. Areas such as physical and legal custody must be explored and reviewed to ensure each spouse receives equal access to the children.
  • Visitation – unless stated by the courts, Texas law decrees both parents have equal visitation rights. Our Lawyer are familiar with this sensitive area, and will work with you to create fair and equal visitation rights.
  • Child support – determining child support payments in Texas is done via a schedule which indexes the income of both parents. However, the problem of late payments, or no payment at all, directly impacts you and your children. Our Lawyer are experts at maDallas sure your children are taken care of.
  • Spousal support and alimony – usually awarded to the spouse in a weaker financial position, alimony amounts and payments depend on several factors. A lawyer on your side ensures you receive the right amount of monthly alimony.
  • Palimony – basically this is alimony in regard to couples who have dissolved a non-marital relationship. The laws governing palimony and non-marital relationships are complicated, and are best interpreted by a lawyer who is willing to fight for your rights and property.

As our client, you may require information and counsel on areas of the law that are effected by a divorce. At Engel Law Firm, we’ll be ready to assist you with:

  • Recovery of Attorney’ fees
  • Property division
  • Asset division
  • Debt division
  • Parental relocation

Even after the divorce is complete, the agreements may require types of modifications. Our attorney can guide you through areas such as:

  • Enforcement of court orders
  • Enforcement of settlement agreements
  • Paternity
  • Domestic violence
  • Spousal abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Orders of protection

Engel Law Firm is more than a group of Lawyer, we’re a team of counselors who provide our clients with custom tailored solutions delivered with unparallelled service. Our clients are unprecedented so they deserve to be treated that way. We know that they need more than a lawyer, they need a confidant that’s on their side.

We’ve prepared a variety of resources for our clients to help prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead. On this site you’ll find:

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Eric Engel

by Eric Engel

Eric Engel is a Dallas divorce attorney for clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. He is the president of Engel Law Firm. For more information on Mr. Engel please visit his bio page or contact our firm at (214) 377-0166.