Vehicle Repossession

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A missed payment on a secured loan could result in contact from your lender. If more time passes, you may be subject to extreme measures of debt retrieval such as vehicle repossession. However, you can avoid this problem by filing for bankruptcy.

Once you file for bankruptcy in Dallas, you’ll receive an automatic stay, which controls collector actions and ensures that repossession cannot occur. Filing for bankruptcy also ensures that creditors cannot communicate with you verbally or in writing.

Before you file for bankruptcy, consider these factors:

  • Creditors may petition for a lifting of the automatic stay, so they can continue repossession of your property.
  • A vehicle loan is considered a secured debt and cannot be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, unless one surrenders the vehicle.
  • A debtor can keep his or her vehicle and other property without filing for bankruptcy if they reaffirm the loan by paying the arrears and resume making regular payments.
  • If your car has already been repossessed, bankruptcy does not guarantee that you will get it back. The lender will make the final decision.

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