Medical Bills

Get Relief From Your Medical Bills Through Bankruptcy Today

Not everyone who files for bankruptcy is there because of irresponsible financial habits. Medical bills can pile up quickly, and their astronomical prices make it impossible for anyone to stay ahead.

As health insurance continues to change, bankruptcy is being filed for relief from insurance companies who refuse to pay for procedures and as a way to continue to receive medical treatment. Many hospitals and doctor’s offices do not offer payment plans, and this can add to your increasing debt.

When you file for bankruptcy, you can be granted a payment plan by the court. This allows you breathing room, a chance to heal and the time it takes to get your finances in order and begin to make payment.

If medical bills are getting out of hand, and your health is in danger, contact Engel Law Group, We’ll provide you with an experienced attorney that can help you sort out your situation. Once we file for bankruptcy, the harassment will end and you can begin paying back what you owe.

Unmanageable medical bills don’t have to be the center of your life, contact Engel Law Group, P.S., and we’ll get you back on your feet.