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The Engel Law Firm, assists individuals in the Greater Dallas area through the entire bankruptcy process, from deciding if bankruptcy is the right choice, to filing the paperwork, to accompanying our clients in court. Engel Law Firm has provided legal assistance for hundreds of people looking to escape the burden and stress that debt can create. We can explain the alternatives to bankruptcy and show you the ways that might get you relief from collectors and creditors.

Additional Dallas Bankruptcy Information

Bankruptcy Process

Knowledge is the key to financial freedom. Our informative bankruptcy website provides valuable information for you to become familiar with the bankruptcy process, lessening your stress and fear. If you take the right approach with the aid of an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you can discover that bankruptcy isn’t an end, but rather a new beginning.

Bankruptcy & Divorce

Divorce is difficult enough without the added stress of financial problems. Unfortunately, these two legal processes often go hand in hand. Read more about bankruptcy and divorce in Dallas to learn how you can avoid financial stressors such as bankruptcy or foreclosure during the divorce process.

Chapter 7

If you have a low income and increasing debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be the best option for you. Quick and straight forward, Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides relief and recovery for Dallas residents who are in financial distress.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may not be the answer to your debt struggles; there are other methods to consider as well, including debt counseling, debt negotiation and debt settlement . If you execute an alternative procedure to bankruptcy, then you can effectively avoid the bankruptcy process altogether.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves the reorganization and repayment of debt with an approved payment plan. This option is good for higher income individuals with property that needs protection from liquidation.

Chapter 11

While similar to Chapter 13, the rules of Chapter 11 bankruptcy provide for more flexibility. Debt can be reorganized and the debtor may have up to six years to pay back taxes.

Collections Defense

Find an ally to protect you from angry phone calls, nasty letters and collection lawsuits. With an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side and acting on your behalf, you can effectively put an end to the creditor harassment that has been plaguing you up to this point.

Medical Bills

When you’re hurt or seriously injured, the cost of getting better can be astronomical. If you’re being overwhelmed by the demands of a medical facility, insurance company or collection agency, contact us. We can help put your finances in order and let you focus on healing.

Bankruptcy Warning Signs

Mortgage defaults, credit card bills, wage garnishment and repossession are all indicators of bankruptcy. If you are experiencing any of these warning signs of bankruptcy, then you should not wait to speak with a legal professional about the options available to you at this time.

Bright Side of Bankruptcy

If you need breathing room from debtors, a bankruptcy petition may be the answer. This petition places a hold on all collection activity against you, putting a stop to harassing phone calls. This is just one of the many bright sides to filing for bankruptcy in Dallas, Texas.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Before filing for bankruptcy, it is important to understand the steps that lie ahead. When you work with a Dallas bankruptcy attorney from our firm, you can prepare for all aspects of the filing process.

Wage Garnishment

An action that a creditor may take in order to recover the debt that they are owed is to secure a judgment to garnish a debtor’s wages. A creditor may take up to 25% of a debtor’s wages, making an already difficult financial situation nearly impossible to deal with on your own.

Foreclosure Defense

Some of the most common methods of foreclosure defense include deeds in lieu, loan modifications, and short sales. If you’re facing foreclosure on your home, speak to a bankruptcy lawyer about the options available to you.

Bankruptcy Myths

The myths of bankruptcy can keep you from finding financial freedom. Get the real facts, explained by our professional and experienced attorney. We might be able to dispel the falsehoods that have prevented you from filing up until now.

Creditor Harassment

Threats, profanity and harassment are considered abusive practices by creditors, and debtors who have been subjected to this conduct may have legal recourse under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Life After Bankruptcy

Once the dust has settled and you’ve regained your life, what will happen next? Speak to a bankruptcy lawyer from our firm to learn more about the aspects of life after bankruptcy, and to find out what you can do to protect yourself from acquiring debt in the future.

Credit Restoration

Engel Law Firm may be able to help you restore your credit. Contact us today to review the options for credit restoration that are available to you at this time.

Bankruptcy & You

What does bankruptcy mean for you and your family? How does your life change once you file? Discover more about the bankruptcy process and the affects it can have on a person who files by contacting Engel Law Firm.

Planning Financial Stability After Bankruptcy

Be proactive after filing for bankruptcy and work with an attorney to plan out your finances for the future. Planning financial stability after bankruptcy can help you avoid mounting debt in the future.

Payday Loans

Payday loans provide immediate relief but their effects can be felt long after they’ve been cashed. High interest rates make these types of loans particularly dangerous to the persons who utilize them.

Work with Engel Law Firm For the Help You Need!

Bankruptcy allows individuals and businesses to discharge their debt in a variety of ways, with the end result being a financially clean slate. If you’d like more information regarding how Engel Law Firm, can help you through this tough time, or to see if bankruptcy is your best option, simply contact us for a case evaluation.

Eric Engel

by Eric Engel

Eric Engel is a Dallas divorce attorney for clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. He is the president of Engel Law Firm. For more information on Mr. Engel please visit his bio page or contact our firm at (214) 377-0166.